For Students

This page is intended as a resource for my collegiate students, though my younger students are certainly welcome here as well. Throughout the years I have been teaching, I have gradually evolved my own unique ways of addressing fundamental musicianship issues, for example, technique, structuring practice, comping supportively, getting along with people, time, confidence, etc. I find myself being asked the same questions again and again and the answers seem to become more seasoned and more resonant with each such conversation. I am presently in the process of video blogging some of these talks, and putting them into prose, to make available to students to peruse when they need general or specific insight, amusement or simply a break from practicing.

Several of my instrumental compositions are posted here as well, and downloadable as PDFs. My hope is that by sharing my writing, students will be inspired to write and share their writing with me. Composing is one of the best ways to process and deeply absorb new ideas when one is studying music. There is no reason composition should be relegated to the classroom, it should certainly make its way into the lesson studio as well. Some of my tunes are fairly “standard” and others are a bit outlandish. I hope my students will enjoy checking them out.

I also invite those interested to visit my teaching portfolio where some of my writings about the guitar and about time can be accessed. The serious student of jazz guitar will likely find the reading stimulating and informative.