Doctoral Recital, University of Miami

In this recital, I challenged myself to explore instrumentations of trio and smaller. It features Dan Montgomery on bass and Matt Buckner on drums on tracks 1, 2, 6 and 7. Jonah Udall plays guitar on track 3, Zach Piper and Geoff Saunders are featured on track 5 on violin and bass respectively.

Tracks from Berklee Online Logic Certificate

In 2009 I did an online program through Berklee Online and earned a certificate in music production with Logic Pro. The course was so much fun! I knew nothing about synthesis at the beginning and was really only looking to get better at recording and editing audio. Wow, was I in for a treat! Designing timbres from scratch is quite the enriching experience. These tracks, which obviously represent the sillier side of my creativity, were born of my learning process with the soft synths in Logic. I get a kick out of these when I revisit them once every five years, so I figured I’d share. The only time I ever explore this side of my musicianship anymore is when I’m stuck on an airplane for a long flight, but perhaps I’ll get back to it someday with some intention and make some more pieces in this vein. Enjoy!


Many years ago, my brother Erich Solomon was contracted to build a Weissenborn guitar for a client in England. He built one for me as a practice run and it turned out to be an amazing instrument. He asked me to record something with it for his website and this track is what I came up with. I’m playing Solomon’s Weissenborn, a violão de sete cordas (seven-string nylon), a six-string nylon, a djembe and a shaker on this track. This is the very first recording I ever made by overdubbing myself. I had only just acquired Protools and began learning about DAWs. Consequently, it sounds a little “EQy”… if I ever find the original session I will make a better mix! But I enjoy the unique vibe of the piece and I hope you will as well.