For Students

Welcome to Plant A Seed Music School. I’m excited to be your teacher and share the love of music. I will also learn from you and with you. Whether you are two-years old or ninety-nine, your personality and interests will guide me in knowing how to guide you. Regardless of whether you are here because you passionately desire to play an instrument as well as the masters who inspire you, or if you are here because your parents bribed you with spending money and video games, we are going to have fun and build a much deeper appreciation of music.

This is your journey, and the best way to stay on the path is to listen, listen and LISTEN! So, here is assignment number one. Make me a playlist of five things you love to listen to. This playlist could be on Spotify or Tidal or Apple Music, or it could simply be a collection of URLs pointing to YouTube videos. It can even be scribbled-out titles on a sticky note. If you’re only four and you can’t read this yet, your Mom or Dad will help you with the assignment and the results will probably be mostly Disney, and hey, that’s cool too. The first thing I need to know is what inspires you. I’ll be sending some listening your way as well.

Nice to meet you, and I look forward to making music together.


Dr. Petumenos (call me Nick)