*Sadly, none of the ensembles I perform with are active at this time, due to the pandemic. Feel free to touch base regardless, as we would love to play for your event when it is safe to do so. Stay safe out there!*

At any point in time, I am actively working in many projects. Typically, I am sustaining a few projects of my own, featuring my writing and composing, while being involved in several other projects in a supporting role. This page offers a glimpse of all the many things I am participating in on a regular basis. I endeavor to keep it current!

Original Music

My work as a songwriter has two manifestations. The electric band goes by the name and the acoustic incarnation is called The Dixie Highway Crashers. Please click to visit the dedicated websites of those projects to read more.

Lately, a great source of inspiration to me as a songwriter has been my involvement with Cancer Support Services at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center in downtown Miami. Drummer/percussionist Richard Hargett (himself a cancer survivor) and I perform duo regularly at the treatment center with acoustic guitar and cajon. We also frequently accompany the Sylvester Survivorship Choir at special events and holiday concerts. This unique performance experience has been a catalyst for profound emotional growth in me as a performer and as a human.

These days, most everything I write for Zë and The Dixie Highway Crashers is written and developed through performing with Richard. I have taken to calling the duo “Soul Survivor” after one of the songs Richard and I developed at, about and for the Cancer Center.

My jazz writing comes to fruition as the Nick Petumenos jazz trio, quartet, quintet, etc., as per the size of the ensemble. I am presently gearing up to record a plethora of interesting pieces that I created for Masters and Doctoral recitals at the University of Miami.

Additionally, my seven-year-old daughter Marina and six-year-old son Simon and I are often creating tracks on my lap top. We call our band The Barefoot Snakes.

Other Projects

My extensive touring with Native Alaskan supergroup Pamyua was formative for me as a musician. Pamyua is unique, exotic and worldly in the extreme. Rather than attempting a description here, I will simply recommend that you follow the link above to their website to find out more about them and their music. Although the distance between Florida and Alaska results in less time spent together, I still play with them on average a few times a year and regard them as family.

In Miami I have been performing often with the lovely Yamit Lemoine in her group Vinyl Blvd. Yamit sings and plays violin and her ensemble provides Miami’s top jazz musicians many excellent opportunities. It has been my privilege to perform with Yamit and the large cast of potent players she brings to the stage.

I recently began playing with an ensemble called Brasoul that explores the fusion of R’n’B with bossanova and samba. Fronted by the soulful vocalist Paloma Dueñas, this colorful ensemble has afforded me the opportunity to explore the potential of my violão de sete cordas (seven string guitar) in combination with octave divider and loop station. This ensemble ranges in size from duo to quartet and features Dr. Brian Potts on pandeiro and Marcelo Rosaru on guitar when all members are present.

I love reggae, and in particular I love playing reggae bass. This passion grew out of my many years supporting Alaska’s favorite Island Reggae band H3. I rarely get to play with H3 these days, except for the occasional sit-in, as commuting between South Florida and Anchorage for gigs is slightly cost prohibitive. I am eternally grateful to Shaun, George and Tao for getting me involved in reggae music and in particular the potent Pacific/Polynesian evolutionary branch of reggae music.

Fortunately, I have recently found a Miami-based outlet for my reggae bassist alter ego in support of the talented young artist Zander Waves. Zander is an excellent vocalist and writes some great tunes and we have a ton of high-energy fun on stage. You can check out Zander and his music here. We play around Miami often enough, watch my upcoming shows page for opportunities to catch us at Bougainvillea’s, Bar Nancy or Miami Flea Market.