Sessions at Casanick

I have a Playlist on my YouTube channel dedicated to documenting sessions and rehearsals at my home in Surfside, Florida. The amazing space I have created is rapidly becoming the headquarters of many of the projects I am involved with. Here is a glimpse of it.

In The Fullness of Time

This tune, “In the Fullness of Time,” is a dedication to my father Timothy Petumenos who says “In the fullness of time…” rather often. Brian Lange, Taylor Byrd and I were rehearsing to track some of my jazz originals in the studio in mid February.

Still Got Ten

This tune was written during a lengthy visit to the ER when my mechanic Leo Enriquez, who essentially plays the role of guru/Yoda in my life, got his hand cut up in the fan of my motor. Fortunately, Leo still has the use of all ten fingers. Hence the title.



In 2004, the Smithsonian opened the NMAI, the museum of the American Indian. The event coincided with the United States Government issuing a formal apology to all First Nations peoples. We played two sets a day on the lawn in front of the Capitol for about a week. Some of those sets were attended by tens of thousands, many in full traditional regalia. It was the experience of a lifetime.

Carnegie Hall, Weill Institute with Paquito d’Rivera and band- Afroraffa directed by Diego Urcola

I’m so grateful to have been selected for this fantastic workshop.

Midtown Revival on Alaska Live

This was a truly wonderful project with uncommon synergy and a great vibe. Paul Anderson is a gifted songwriter to say the least. It was short lived due to geography. Fortunately, this radio interview caught the moment pretty well. I miss these guys!


Lecture Recital

Below is complete footage of my Doctoral Lecture Recital about the violão de sete cordas and choro. The paper that inspired the recital is available for download on my teaching portfolio page.

Concert Jazz Band, Ribbon Cutting, PLF Facility

This was a fun day! After being featured as a soloist (3:13) in Shelly Berg’s arrangement of Bernstein’s “Alleluia and Gratitude” at the ribbon cutting of UM’s new PLF facility, I was approached by a stranger who was quite complimentary of my playing but seemed oddly distraught that the headstock of my DIY strat was blank. It turned out he was the Chairman of Fender! He offered me a tour of the Custom Shop, I still need to take him up on that.

Recording Ensemble

Participating in the Recording Ensemble under the legendary Gary Lindsay was a transformative experience. The topic of the semester was exploring the borderlands between jazz and folk string traditions. The writing students came strong with inspired compositions and unique arrangements. My mandolin and dobro skills improved vastly through trial by fire. By permission of the composers, I have posted a couple of the projects on which I recorded.


Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

Playing music with cancer survivors for patients who are still battling cancer has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I feel I have been welcomed into a beautiful family. This video does a good job of conveying the positivity that flows through this team and this work.


Unfortunately, I was out of state when the gang shot this video. It looks like I missed out on an unprecedented amount of fun. I did help Ossie invent the tune though, in the green room of some gig at a museum funded by a casino, and I played on the track, so I feel a connection to it.